Drainage Solutions

Drainage Solutions in wooded areaAlthough water is an important component of a healthy landscape, it can quickly wreak havoc on your property if it’s left unchecked. That’s why it’s so important to incorporate smart and thoughtful drainage solutions into your landscape design. For a truly long-lasting and durable landscape, drainage solutions will need to be integrated into every part of the planning process. Luckily, the landscaping experts at Nature’s Work have what it takes to ensure that drainage will be thoroughly addressed before any plants are added to your property!

We have extensive experience with landscape design and installation throughout Maryland and we understand the unique concerns and considerations that local residents face due to our climate. We work closely with every client to determine potential sources of problems and proactively address issues that could cause problems down the line. We provide comprehensive landscaping services–including drainage solutions and erosion control services–to commercial and residential clients throughout Maryland, including:

  • Carroll County
  • Baltimore County
  • Anne Arundel County
  • Howard County
  • Harford County
  • Montgomery County
  • Frederick County

Proper drainage is key to a healthy landscape

Proper drainage controlWhen drainage is not thought through, water will quickly begin to pool in certain areas of your property. This water can act as a breeding ground for mosquitos, rot nearby plants and tree roots, and can cause your soil to shift unevenly. Even worse, if the water is located near the foundation of your home then it could infiltrate your home’s exterior and cause water damage in your basement. When this happens, mold can quickly develop, which is extremely costly to repair and remove. That’s why drainage solutions should always be integrated into your landscape design.

Whether you are having drainage issues with your current property or you’d like to change up your landscaping in a way that won’t cause water to pool in certain areas, Nature’s Work has the solution. We will work closely with you to understand the causes of your drainage issues and create a solution that addresses the underlying issue in order to provide a reliable and permanent solution. There are a number of ways in which drainage can be addressed, including:

  • Installation of a french drain
  • Fixing the grading of your land
  • Dry creek bed installation

We will be sure to provide the right solutions for your property’s needs. Ready to learn more about the drainage solutions offered by Nature’s Work? Give us a call today at 410-780-3760 to speak to one of our knowledgeable team members.