How to Winterize your Outdoor Kitchen

One of the coolest things to have outside of your home is an outdoor kitchen. An outdoor kitchen opens up many doors to host parties, or just relax and cook a meal in nice weather. Recently the weather has changed and the winter season is here to stay for the next couple of months. It is important to keep your outdoor kitchen safe during the unpredictable weather that visits the Northeast region this time of year. Here’s how you can winterize your outdoor kitchen with these easy tips. 

Winterize your outdoor kitchen so you can enjoy it during the summer

Winterize your outdoor kitchen so you can enjoy it during the summer

Grill Maintenance

Cleaning your grill is a major key for protecting your grill from harm over the winter. Every time you use your grill grease builds up and remnants of food can get caught in the grill. Using a degreaser helps you get rid of grease that has built up over the grilling season. Just scrubbing it off will not get the job done.

Use a Cover or Seal

Heavy snowfall or rainfall can damage your grill. Prevent this from happening by placing a cover or seal on top of it. Excess water creates cracks, stains, and rust that will stop you from enjoying your outdoor kitchen.

Protect your Cabinets

Make sure your cabinets are cleaned out of any food or kitchen appliances. Stone countertops are prone to be damaged by winter weather. It is wise to place sealers that are built for the stone on top of them to prevent weather damage.

Refrigerator and Ice Maker

The smartest precaution to take is unplugging everything from your refrigerator and other kitchen appliances. Water and electricity are not a good mix. Clean out your refrigerator of any leftover foods or spills and make sure the ice maker is shut off. It may sound like a good idea to cover your refrigerator but it is not. If you do cover your refrigerator moisture may get caught under the cover and destroy electrical parts.

After using these tips your lawn will be ready for any snowstorm coming our way.

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