What is Erosion Control?

If you didn’t know, erosion is soil that has broken down and becomes loose. Soil is very important to building beautiful landscaping around your home, so that means erosion is something that you want to prevent from happening. At Nature’s Work, we have a way to help you with your erosion concerns. We use a landscaping technique called erosion control to keep your landscape as beautiful as possible. Read on to learn about erosion control so you can keep your landscape aesthetically pleasing. 

Boulder retaining wall at a commercial site with Inkberry Holly and Daylily

Erosion control can help your landscape in so many ways

Where Does Erosion Occur?

To learn about erosion control, you must know where erosion occurs the most. Slopes, hills, and valleys are prone to erosion. If your property is built on any of these landforms, then using erosion control is the best option to protect your soil.

How Does Erosion Happen?

Erosion mainly happens when water moves across the ground. Excessive rainstorms and other weather conditions cause erosion on slopes.

How Erosion Control Works

It creates a physical barrier to sponge up the power of weather conditions such as the wind, rainstorms, or snowstorms that lead water to cause erosion.

Vegetation Control

A cost-effective way to control erosion is by using vegetation functioning as barricades to water and wind. We use shrubs, flowers, and sod to hold soil intact to their extensive root systems. Their root systems are considered as an anchor for soil.

Retaining Walls

It is important to know how to plant on a slope to prevent erosion. Retaining walls provide you with a nice hardscaping option to show off your plants and control erosion. They really help you plant the garden that you always wanted on any type of surface. An effective retaining wall design is stairs because the levels of the stairs break up the flow of the water. If the flow of the water runs freely, then it will erode the soil easily.  

Contact Nature’s Work today to learn more about retaining walls and have your erosion control problems dissolved.

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