When Is It Time For Irrigation System Maintenance?

A perfectly ittigated lawn.

Spring is a great time to assess if you need irrigation system maintenance on your landscape.

With spring around the corner, it is definitely the time of year to consider using the spring cleaning mindset to address any issues around your landscape’s irrigation system. Here are a few things to look for when properly irrigating your lawn to keep it at its happy and healthiest.

Be Sure to Let Your Lawn Rest and Air Out

Flooding can be your lawn’s worst enemy, and it often takes a lot of time and effort to repair your landscape after that form of damage occurs. It’s crucial that you know how to properly avoid lawn flooding, or to know the signs for professional irrigation system maintenance. Although it might be tempting to go out onto the lawn when it’s still freshly drained and attempt to dry things off with a blower of some kind, it’s best to let the lawn rest and dry on its own. This is usually the first mistake you can make. After the winter, it’s also necessary to let the lawn air out, since the soil can be packed down following the winter’s cold winds and ice. A similar project might be necessary after a flooded lawn. The soil around the roots of the grass can be loosened with an aerator.

Providing the Proper Nutrients

Water has a way of washing away the topsoil where nutrients and fertilizer rest. Replacing the healthy elements of the soil with new fertilizer annually is a good idea to keep your lawn healthy during the recovery period. Feeding the lawn will also shorten the time it takes the lawn to grow back and recover from the flooding — as long as you are using the proper fertilizer. If a lawn has any more than a few inches of water during the flooding, it’s common that most of the nutrients from the soil will wash away while it’s drying out, so consistent monitoring is important. Having the proper irrigation system in place will always cut back on the maintenance that you need from year to year.

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