Summer Gardening Tips 101

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With the warm summer months coming, it’s time the brush up on your gardening tips.

Are you ready to finally tackle your summer gardening? Now that spring is passing and your blooms should be starting to, well, bloom, it’s time to enjoy the fruits of your labor and also ensure that your plants beat the heat. Here are some of our absolute best summer gardening tips to get you and your landscaping through the warm summer months.

Don’t Forget to Plan

Just like you do at the start of gardening season, take the time to plan out your gardening. Know exactly where your garden will be placed, what you want your garden to look like, and what plants are in your garden. When planting your garden, ensure that smaller plants are in the front and the larger plants are towards the center or the back. If you have more plants than space, don’t be afraid to take some out of put them somewhere else in your yard. An overcrowded garden will not thrive very well, so take your time.

Take Care of Your Veggies

Summer gardens are the perfect place for fresh vegetables and fruits, so make sure that you are taking care of your veggies! Only use 1-2 inches of mulch so that weeds won’t grow and fungal diseases won’t be exposed to the leaves of your vegetable plants. Use a raised bed when planting vegetables to allow plenty of growing space. Also, give your vegetable plants plenty of room to grow. Rotate the places that you plant your vegetables every season to keep the soil in good condition and your plants growing in strong. Also, avoid planting vegetables that are in the same family in the same exact portions of your garden for two seasons in a row. For example, don’t plant zucchini in the same spot that you just grew cucumbers.

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