Is a Retaining Wall Right for my Landscape?


A Retaining Wall at a Residential Home

What makes a retaining wall the perfect addition to your home?

Of all the many hardscapes that you can consider for making your outdoor areas particularly unique and beautiful, there is one single addition that comes in most handy for emphasizing your yard and garden’s natural beauty – all while blending seamlessly with other hardscape additions. Retaining walls, which have numerous practical uses and can be especially beautiful all on their own. Retaining walls have the distinct benefit of increasing your home’s value and – like many other hardscape options – can be customized to match your own landscape’s vision and style. Here are few reasons to consider a retaining wall as your home’s first hardscape addition.

Increasing Your Property Value

First off, there is the practical reason that a retaining wall is often a very unique and distinct hardscape structure to find included with a home. For that reason alone, if you ever decide to put your house on the market, you’ll instantly have increased your home’s value and the possibility of finding a serious buyer. If you opt for a retaining wall constructed of natural materials, such as decorative rock or stone, you’ll also be able to make numerous design customizations later on – and so will the potential buyer. In addition to being beautiful, a custom retaining wall is also functional, and can be used to section off other areas of your outdoor areas, such as an outdoor kitchen, fire-pit, swimming pool and deck area, or your garden.

Sturdy and Effortless

For all of its numerous benefits and customizable options, one of the greatest reasons to have a retaining wall installed is that it is surprisingly low-maintenance. Aside from occassional power-washing, which is optional, you’ll never have to winterize a retaining wall like you would for other hardscapes. It is durable, sturdy and truly serves the purpose of being standing its ground during every season – all without any additional effort on your part to protect your investment.

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