What Is A Retaining Wall And What Are Its Benefits?

Retaining walls combine function and beauty for your landscape.

Retaining walls combine function and beauty for your landscape.

Retaining walls are an important and functional element to any landscape design, as they help prevent soil erosion and guarantee that your landscaping stays in place. While retaining walls are practical, they can also be personalized for every person’s backyard. At Nature’s Work, our expert hardscape contractors create retaining walls that are not only functional, but we also work with our customers to customize the wall to their wants and needs. Whether it’s a visual focal point or something more simple and subtle, a retaining wall should blend in seamlessly with your style of landscape and should reflect your individual personality.

Prevents Erosion

If your landscape is on a steep hill, soil erosion is bound to happen eventually without a retaining wall. You want to avoid erosion whenever possible, as it can cause expensive damages to your property. Retaining walls fight against the land’s movement and help to keep the soil in place. A retaining wall is your best investment to stop erosion in your landscape and reduce the problem of an eroding slope in your yard.

Provides More Space

If you live in an area with hills and slopes, you know that there is limited space to actually use the yard efficiently. While some may think that installing retaining walls will only take up more of the yard, the walls provide more valuable space. With retaining walls, you have more open areas for a garden and lounging area.

Prevents Flooding

While retaining walls won’t do much to stop a massive flood that covers everything in its path, they can definitely help prevent flooding from bad storms. With a properly placed, designed and installed wall, it can deter floodwater and contributes to protecting your property.

Adds Beauty

While retaining walls have many functional benefits, they also are a great way to add beauty and breathe new life into your backyard. Our professionals can style the walls in nearly endless ways and can construct from a wide variety of materials, including natural stone, concrete, brick, wood and more.

Trust The Retaining Wall Experts At Nature’s Work

At Nature’s Work, we have extensive experience designing and installing functional and beautiful retaining walls for home and business owners throughout Maryland. We will work closely with you to ensure that the materials we use match not only your desired aesthetic, but the needs of your landscape as well. Maryland residents know that there is no better choice than Nature’s Work! For more information on our services, visit us online or call us at 410-780-3760. Visit our gallery for inspiration for your own home. For more tips on keeping your landscaping and hardscaping perfect all year round, connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest.

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