Protect Your Landscape from Summer Storms


During summer, protect your beautiful garden from possible storms and flooding!

Generally speaking, summer is pretty dry rain-wise. However, summer is also

hurricane season for those of us on the east coast. This can mean torrential
downpours, electrical storms, hail, and sometimes there are even tornadoes. You do
everything you possibly can to protect your home and your family from these things,
but what about your landscaping? Protecting what’s outside your home is just as
important as what is inside it. So, how do you do that? Here are a few tips to help
you out with that.

Heavy Rain and Flooding
Good design is the first step to protecting your gardens from summer storms. If
possible, plant in raised beds. If raising your beds isn’t possible, you can dig small
trenches around your garden so that the storm water can drain off.
If your garden does flood, standing water is far more damaging to vegetables and
herbs than flowers. Be sure to remove excess water from these first. If you have
enough advance notice of storms, you should go ahead and harvest herbs before the
storms even hit. If your garden is in a spot that is particularly prone to flooding, you
may want to re-pot some plants and move them to another area to wait out the
Lightning can be very damaging to your trees. If you have trees on your property
that you’d like to protect, talk to the professionals about a lightning protection
system. These systems are not cheap, but can end up saving you a ton. If a tree is
close to your home or car and it is struck, it can come down and cause quite a bit of
damage to your property.
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