What Makes a Perfect Landscape Design?

the Perfect Landscape design

When thinking about designing your landscape, you should always think about the scale of your home.

It is never too early to start thinking about your perfect landscape design. Whether you are moving into a new home or getting a head start of your spring landscape ideas, there are some tips you should think about for making a perfect landscape design. Let’s take a look at some things you should think about.

Finding a Vertical Point

A great landscape design begins with your home. Using your home as a foundation will give you a vertical point for you to build on. Using your home’s features as a jumping off point can help your landscape design look more natural. Play up columns with bushes or trees or frame your entry way with ornamental grasses for a touch of beauty.

Pay Attention to Light

The light around your home makes all of the difference for your landscape. Light can make the colors and textures of your landscape come alive. Whether you are using artificial lights or want to plant where the sun will light up your yard, it is important to do so thoughtfully. Planting your trees and shrubs in an east-west line can help them light up with the rising or setting sun, making for the perfect landscape design.

Using Different Colors and Textures

Variety is the spice of light, right? So why not mix up your landscape’s textures and colors to give your landscape a variety? Use coarse and fine foliage to mix colors and textures for a unique look. Mixing colors with different flowers together will give you the chance to have something blooming all year long.

Integrate Hardscapes

Hardscapes can help your home look beautiful and to define areas of your home. Using structures like outdoor kitchens, fire pits, and retaining walls can help define the areas of your yard without taking away from the beautiful plants in your landscape. They can also add visual interest in the winter.

The most important part of your perfect landscape design is to plant your focal point. A focal point will give you something to design around. Whether your focal point is your home or a special tree, there is always a beautiful landscape design in the works. For more information on designing your perfect landscape, call Natures Work today!

Perfect Landscape Design with Natures Work!

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