How Late Can You Put Down Sod?

sod for your home

Why not choose sod for your home?

Every homeowner wants a lush, green yard for their home. But not many of us can get that perfect lawn with plain grass seed. Instead of giving up and leaving your lawn brown and patchy, you can opt for another solution: sod. Sod will give you the perfect yard and something you can enjoy with only a couple of week’s patience. But what is sod and how late can you put it down in your yard? Well, let’s take a look!

What is Sod?

While many people think this grass is artificial, it is actually just real grass that has already been planted. Sod is sold in sections that are made of grass and soil, held together by roots and other materials. Often found on golf courses, it will give your home a beautiful, lush appearance in just a few weeks’ time. While there are many different types of grasses available, there are two different categories of sod for you to choose from. These categories include warm season grasses and cool season grasses. But when is the best time to lay this grass in your yard? Read on to find out.

The Best Time to Lay Sod

Although it can be installed any time when the ground is not frozen, late summer and early fall can provide ideal conditions for your sod’s growth. Putting your grass down while the weather is warmer will allow the roots to grow and develop faster than it would when it is freezing outside. You should avoid putting sod down during the hottest days of summer as the heat and humidity can encourage Pythium blight, a fungal disease, to attack the grass. When considering planting this fall, it is important to do it before the ground begins to freeze overnight as it could kill the roots of the material.

Sod can help give your home the look you have always wanted but it is important for you to choose the best time of year to install yours. For more information on sod installation, call Natures Work today!

Sod Services with Natures Work!

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