How to Help Your Garden Recover After a Summer Storm

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After a heavy storm, there are many ways to help your garden recover.

Summer storms are incredibly harsh on landscapes, especially if you have a vegetable or fruit garden. Unfortunately, the harsh rains and rough winds can completely demolish your garden if you aren’t properly prepared. If you are dealing with stormy weather in your yard and trying to salvage what you can from your garden, here’s what you need to know.

Rinse Your Plants
If your garden has been flooded or the victim of a summer storm, start by rinsing off
your plants. It might sound counterintuitive since they just had tons of water on
them, but the water that they were surrounded with was full of pollutants and
chemicals. Rinse the plants off right away and water them well for the next 48-72
hours. Rinse any mud or debris off of the leaves and also take care to remove mud or
dirt from the base of the plants. Rinsing will also reduce the chance of any plant
diseases affecting your plants in the aftermath.
Don’t Eat Your Vegetables
If your garden was flooded during the summer storm, do not eat your vegetables
straight from the garden. They have contaminants and dirt on the surface, so either
dispose of them in the compost pile or clean them thoroughly before opening. Even
things with hard and durable rinds like watermelon and winter squash can transfer
dirt and contaminants to the inside once the knife passes through.
Make Compost
Like we said above, use the ruined vegetables and dirt to start a compost pile away
from your garden. Over time, the stems, leaves, and debris from storms will add up
and become usable compost. Compost is great for adding additional organic
material to soil and upping the number of nutrients inside. This way the vegetables
that were damaged by the storm won’t be completely wasted.
Heal the Damage
Were any of your garden plants damaged physically during the storm? Give them a
day or two to recover and then take the time to prune them. If there is any new
growth appearing, you will be able to make a better decision about which plants to
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