The Health of Your Landscape’s Soil

Good spol for a healthy landscape

Now that spring is upon us, monitor your soil’s health for a beautiful landscape.

This week, spring is upon us! If you have a green thumb — or are just looking to make your outdoor landscape beautiful for the enjoyment of your family and friends — this is the time of year for proper landscape maintenance and gardening. But before you launch into a large, but fun, landscaping project, you may want to review the basic fundamentals of the very soil you’ll be using. Here are a few things to remember before you roll up your sleeves to prepare creating your beautiful landscape.

The Foundation of Every Garden and Lawn

Learning the basics of the soil you choose and how to properly care for it can easily dictate the success of your lawn and garden’s growth. All landscape maintenance and planting projects need the very best available soil as its foundation in order to keep those seeds happy and healthy. Never forget that your soil is alive! It’s easy to forget this basic fact, but consider all the thousands of microscopic organisms that dwell within the soil in order to survive. They are the true facets that require the proper food and water, so make that a mantra when tending to your lawn. Nitrogen, Phosphorous, and Potassium are the main nutrients your soil needs, so keep that in mind when you purchase your yearly fertilizer.

New Year, New Soil

Keeping in mind that your lawn and garden is existing as an organic entity, consider that your soil always needs to be refreshed and replaced during this time of year. It’s a new start for those organisms, so swap out what may have been leftover from the winter and replace all existing soil traces with new, fresh supplies. This will make this season of landscape maintenance, gardening, and any crop harvesting that you may be planning much easier to monitor. You’ll notice the growth rate immediately.

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