The Easiest Summer Crops for Beginners

The Easiest Summer Crops for Beginners

As summer comes along, there are many crops that any beginner can learn to plant!

Are you just starting to garden around your home? Do you have lofty dreams of endless rows of crops but currently struggle to keep a cactus alive? We have good news for you—there are many incredibly easy summer crops that are simple to plant and care for with even the newest gardeners. Here are our favorite picks for the easiest summer crops for beginners.

Eat Your Veggies

Some of the easiest summer crops for beginners include:

  • Radishes: These plants bloom even in lower-quality garden soil and can be ready to harvest within only a couple of weeks.
  • Salad greens: These include lettuces, spinach, arugula, and corn salad. You can mix these greens together or plant them one by one. Since these plants grow so quickly, if you start the seeds in the spring and fall, you can enjoy fresh salad greens almost every month of the year.
  • Green beans: These are incredibly easy to grow with little gardening experience and they can proliferate very quickly and easily. If you get a particularly large crop of green beans from your garden, they freeze well and also pickle well.
  • Onions are easy to plant and typically do well in a variety of gardens. If your onions grow well, you can eventually start to harvest bulb onions.

Enjoy Some Fruit

Just like vegetables, fruit is very easy to tackle for novice gardeners and beginners alike:

  • Strawberries: These fruits are one of the best parts of summer and the plants do a great job at surviving in rough areas.
  • Peppers: Peppers are very simple to grow and you can get very large yields with relatively little effort.
  • Tomatoes: A freshly picked tomato in the summertime is one of life’s greatest culinary pleasures! Tomatoes are simple to plant and can be canned or frozen if you have a high yield.

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