The Best Edible Plants for Your Residential Landscape

The spring is here and with it everything is bloom. When you walk outside you will see neighbors manicuring their lawns or children bringing home planting projects. If you’ve ever thought about residential landscaping before-now is that time to start! Vegetables prove to be some of the best plants that can be grown and there are many simple ones to grow that yield reliable products for any landscape. Create an oasis and haven at your residence by planting and maintaining a garden, not only will it be a peaceful and serene respite but you can also feel yourself from what it yields. If you don’t know where to start, below we have a list of some of the best edible plants for your residential landscape.

Vegetable Garden

As summer comes along, there are numerous wonderful vegetables you can add to your garden landscape.

Try Some Tomatoes

Better Homes and Gardens magazine suggests beefsteak tomatoes as one of the first vegetables to plant. These tomatoes are often red but can sometimes be yellow and green. These tomatoes are typically disease free and resilient but full of flavor.  Small fruit tomatoes are another important aspect to a well-rounded and thriving garden as well. These small tomatoes are bite sized and full of sweet flavor for snacking or garnishes. Planting them is as easy as buying some to transplant from your local nursery or buying seeds via mail order, than merely adding them to your landscape.

Plant Green Vegetables

When you’ve had your yard landscaped for a garden be sure to leave a lot of room for cucumbers. Only two cucumber plants can produce enough fruit for a family of four. Cucumbers are easy to grow and they grow quickly while thriving in the summer heat, according to Better Homes and Gardens. Mesclun Mix or leafy, tender salad greens are also a great addition to your project guaranteed to be an easy grow. Be sure to add some zest into your project by adding some basil to your landscape garden and make it a full rounded affair.

Maintaining the Garden

Maintaining the vegetables and fruits you’ve chosen is the most important part of any residential landscape project. Now that you know what are the best kinds of plants to begin with you need the best services to create a garden that will thrive. Natures Work is a landscape organization that provides services just like that. Routine landscape maintenance will provide your vegetables with the best lives possible and they do anything from cutting the grass to fertilization. Hiring a landscaper with skills to show you how to plant and maintain a garden is a valuable tool.

Let Us Help Create Your Oasis

When it comes time to find a landscaping company that will bring your vision to life of a quiet getaway, Natures Work is there to meet all of your needs. Natures Work thrives on customer satisfaction and giving every residential property the attention it deserves. Get started today with your own garden or other landscaping needs. Call at 410-768-4770. We serve Baltimore, Howard, Harford, Carroll, Anne Arundel, Montgomery and Frederick Counties and the surrounding areas.

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