The Benefits of Adding Outdoor Hardscapes

The Benefits of Adding Outdoor Hardscapes

What are the Benefits of Adding Outdoor Hardscaping?

For those not aware, hardscaping, not to be confused with landscaping, is a term that is typically used by people to describe anything used in an outdoor space design that is made of natural materials, but not living materials such as trees, shrubs or other plants and grasses. Examples of hardscaping include a large number of things, such as concrete walks, stone pathways or drives, retaining walls, and wooden decks. Surface drainage solutions like French drains, a prime example, also fall into the category of hardscaping. Not only attractive and practical, outdoor hardscapes offer plenty more benefits as well as being an extension of your home.

Major Up-Sides

  • Accessibility: Pathways and walkways are considered hardscape and greatly increase the accessibility of your home so guests can enjoy more of your property.
  • Enjoyment: Hardscaping can greatly increase your family’s enjoyment of the outdoors and ability to be outside for an extended period of time. Examples of this include seated patios and porches.
  • Low-maintenance: Unlike plants and trees, which fall under landscaping, hardscaping are solid structures which require little to no maintenance.
  • Added value: No matter what outdoor hardscape addition you decide to add to your home, it will drastically increase the value of your home.
  • Privacy: With the addition of walls or other hardscaping element, you can help to create privacy in your yard and help to separate boundary lines between close neighbors.


Importance of Hardscaping

Hardscaping is one of the most vital aspects of the landscape design process. It comes before the planting plan. How exterior hardscaping interacts with the dwelling should be well thought out. In new construction, or major remodeling, it should be considered an important element in the total design package. In many of today’s house plans, it is not uncommon to find some of the same elements used in the exterior brought into the interior in the form of stone floors, counters, and the like. Hardscaping unifies the dwelling with the surrounding environment. It provides a cohesive backbone for the gardens and exterior landscape. Without the integrity of good hardscaping design, the gardens lack structure.

Protect Your Landscape Nature’s Work

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